Day 2 - 27 September 2023



Applied IoT Security: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairperson’s welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: Examining the Current IoT Security Landscape

  • Assessing current measures being used to protect your organization. 
  • Understanding the key challenges to secure IoT Devices. 
  • The importance of building valid security models for IoT. 



Keynote Presentation: Security First, Technology Second

  • Looking at cyber security as the most important part of devices and sensors, not an afterthought.  
  • Vulnerabilities – how to spot them and how to combat them.    
  • Industry collaborations for improved security solutions. 



Presentation: Embracing Zero Trust

This session will look at an IoT approach to zero trust, including:  

  • Device and sensor health  
  • Increased visibility on users  
  • Real-time risk detection 


Networking Break



Panel: Building a Robust Cyber Security Strategy, an IoT Perspective

  • Keeping security at the forefront when developing and deploying IoT innovations and digital solutions.  
  • Governance, regulation and standards – the need for consistency across industries for what is required/ expected from a cyber perspective.  
  • Finding the best connectivity to optimise solutions and infrastructures – not a one size fits all approach.  
  • Strategies for the future – keeping control of systems and devices long term by discussing product lifecycles. 



Presentation: Data Volume & IoT Security

What impact does overseeing vast amounts of data generated from both managed and unmanaged IoT devices have on IoT security challenges? 



Presentation: The State of IoT Device Security in Key Industries

Examining the risks to key verticals from IoT devices including smart buildings, supply chains & medical devices.  


Networking Break & Lunch



Panel: The Ins and Outs of Device Security

  • How does the sheer diversity of IoT devices provide challenges to security teams? 
  • Understanding the risks associated with the management of IoT devices by disparate teams within the organization.  
  • Which IoT devices have the highest share of security issues and what makes them so susceptible to these issues?  



Presentation: Supply Chain and IoT Security Management

  • How can the IoT supply chain protect itself and customers from cyber-attacks on IoT deployments?  
  • Building trust in data and devices through a secure supply chain. 
  • Remote monitoring and connectivity – how to manage service outages.  
  • The challenges as digital transformation takes hold, and we move towards a hyper-connected value chain. 



Presentation: Locking Down Intelligent Building Security

Delving into the smart infrastructure landscape and the steps to help secure intelligent buildings.  



Presentation: Keeping Patients Safe – The Role of Connected Medical Devices

  • The cyber risks associated with securing smart medical devices.  
  • What operational insights should healthcare providers understand when implementing IoT security?  
  • Examining different medical device security solutions.  


End of Day