Day 1 - 1 July 2020

Please find the 2019 agenda below. Check back for regular updates – 2020 agenda coming soon!


Leo Whyte

Principal Consultant

PA Consulting

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Developing for the IoT – Chair’s welcome and opening comments

. Leo Whyte, Principal Consultant , PA Consulting


Swen-Helge Huber

Principal Architect for IoT


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Are we there yet?

What the evolution of Connected Car platforms can teach us about building large scale IoT platforms.

Transitioning IoT projects and platforms from early adoption into large scale deployment presents multiple challenges for example around scalability and cost.

In this session we will look at the lessons learned from Solace’s work with Connected Car Platforms.

We will explore how adopting an event driven approach from the start and choosing an event delivery technology that allows you to evolve from a small initial deployment to a hybrid IoT event mesh can enable you to make this transition easily.

. Swen-Helge Huber, Principal Architect for IoT, Solace


Jaap Groot

Vice Chair, Europe

LoRa Alliance

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Realizing the IoT

The Internet of Things stands to innovate every facet of the way companies operate or innovate and is starting to have an impact on consumers too. IOT starts moving from a promise to real world problem solving and proven use cases, driven by companies and technologies that ensure the full potential is realized.

. Jaap Groot, Vice Chair, Europe , LoRa Alliance


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Marty Sprinzen



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Building Event-Driven Systems at the Speed of IoT

In this session, learn how the revolution in event-driven application platforms enable innovative companies to develop, deploy and run real-time enterprise applications – enabled by the IoT – with dramatically reduced time-to-market, significantly lowered development and maintenance costs, and maximized agility in the face of requirements for continuous innovation and digital transformation.

. Marty Sprinzen, CEO , VANTIQ


Stefano Tascone

Industry X.0 Lead, Italy, Central Europe and Greece (ICEG)


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Case Study: Accenture

to follow soon . . .

. Stefano Tascone, Industry X.0 Lead, Italy, Central Europe and Greece (ICEG), Accenture


Ankur Bhan

Global Head of Nokia WING


Associated Talks:

01:00PM - Day 1

View IoT and 5G: Rise of a New Era

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IoT and 5G: Rise of a New Era

As groundbreaking and revolutionary use cases like factory automation, autonomous driving, smart cities or eHealth emerge, ultra reliable and secure connectivity becomes a necessity. Although in its early days 5G networks are likely to support extreme mobile broadband, the market is expected to expand at a fast pace as the coverage improves. Soon, 5G will begin to deliver on its full promise: lower latency, higher speed and greater reliability. This bright future is closer than one might think and the journey can be advanced by unlocking the power of edge computing. Because processing is done close to users and devices, extreme low-latency applications will become a reality of today. Finally, for the agile introduction of 5G enabled services, there is a natural need for dynamic and flexible global connectivity.

In our session we would like to invite you to think together about the true business innovation potential of IoT in the 5G era and beyond.

. Ankur Bhan, Global Head of Nokia WING , Nokia


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Julien Sarrade

IoT Business Development Manager, EMEAI

Keysight Technologies

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Can your IoT Device withstand the Rigors of the Real World?

  • Predict and extend the battery life of your IoT device
  • Ensure that your IoT device can peacefully coexist with other wireless devices out there
  • Implement a cost effective manufacturing test solution on your production lines
. Julien Sarrade, IoT Business Development Manager, EMEAI, Keysight Technologies


Dipl. Ing. Karel Krcmar

Head of IoT

M2M Communication Holding

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NB-IoT/LTE-M Real Solution: Easy, Now, DONE!

  • Utilize experience of those who succeeded
  • Find the right network
  • Use the right tools
  • Real profitable NB-IoT use case
. Dipl. Ing. Karel Krcmar, Head of IoT , M2M Communication Holding


Leo Whyte

Principal Consultant

PA Consulting

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Corry Brennan

Regional Sales Manager EMEA - Simplex Products


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Janko Isidorovic


EdgeX Applications Working Group

Associated Talks:

01:00PM - Day 2

View EdgeX Foundry – A Microservice Approach to IoT Edge Computing

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Joep van Eijden

Senior Representative

Z-Wave Alliance

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Jaap Groot

Vice Chair, Europe

LoRa Alliance

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Keynote Panel: Connectivity Considerations for IoT Solutions

  • Which is better for your product, a Cat-0, Cat-1 or Cat-M LTE, licenced/licenced LPWA or even Satellite network?
  • Discussions around range vs. data rate vs power consumption for these IoT connectivity technologies
  • The drawbacks for the different types of networks, including security and whether devices can actively initiate communication with the network
  • The role of intelligent-switching capabilities across mobile networks and platforms (an intelligent platform sits about the network connectivity, which can switch between different network types); Is this realistic?  What are the challenges?  Is this the future of connectivity?
  • How Mesh networks can be utilised by a range of industries, not just the Smart Home sector to provide flexible and scalable connectivity without the need for ISP’s for the IoT?
Moderator: . Leo Whyte, Principal Consultant , PA Consulting
. Corry Brennan, Regional Sales Manager EMEA - Simplex Products, Globalstar
. Janko Isidorovic, Chair, EdgeX Applications Working Group
. Joep van Eijden, Senior Representative, Z-Wave Alliance
. Jaap Groot, Vice Chair, Europe , LoRa Alliance


Session Close

Networking Party – 6pm – The Beach Bar, Strandzuid @ RAI

An evening of networking on Wednesday 19 June from 6pm. Access for Ultimate, Gold & Expo Plus holders in addition to speakers, sponsors, press and exhibitors. Taking place at The Beach Bar, this lakeside spot is surrounded by trees and located just a few minutes walk from the expo venue.  Join us for drinks and networking opportunities.