Day 2 - 24 September 2021



Enterprise Transformation – Chairperson’s Welcome

Opening talk – overview of sessions and key highlights.



Innovation for Digitisation 

  • How can IoT help enterprises in post-pandemic recovery and improve productivity? 
  • Adopting Society 5.0 and the new strategies here.  
  • How to evaluate new technologies for your business and understanding the risks.



Digital Acceleration – Optimising through IoT

  • Where are we today with the deployment of IoT Solutions? 
  • Optimising the full process, from A to Z.  
  • How do we move from pilots to roll-outs and larger scale projects? 
  • How the global pandemic has created a shift in the modernisation model.  



Cultural Shift – Moving with the Times

  • Prioritising the focus – adopting technologies to offer new strategies and services.  
  • Do teams need to become ‘agile’?  
  • Understanding company culture – what are we aiming to achieve through cultural change?  
  • Examples of how enterprises have successfully employed IoT to digitally transform their businesses. 


Networking Break



Luca Giardino

Head of Connectivity

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

Associated Talks:

11:40AM - Day 2

View Panel: IoT enabled Digital Transformation

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Panel: IoT enabled Digital Transformation

  • How digital transformation will change how enterprises operate and deliver value to customers. 
  • A shift to model driven development vs physical production – how IoT technologies like digital twins and data can aid better services.  
  • A new approach to the business through data-guided changes.  
  • What else can IoT vendors do to aid digital transformation within their customers businesses – discussing future technologies and directions. 
  • Enabling teams to gain true process optimisation – embrace the transformation. 
. Luca Giardino, Head of Connectivity, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.



Digital Transformation for Asset Optimisation

  • Breaking down silos – barriers to entry. 
  • How to make strategic decisions that are right for your company, not just your technology strategy. 
  • Securing the infrastructure – a key factor in strategy development. 
  • A look at the challenges and opportunities from a policy and regulatory perspective – what needs to be considered here? 



Think Different from the Competition – Innovating with Start-ups

  • Why start-ups? 
  • Analysis – Understanding your project roadmap/ corporate goals. Is it the product or the technology? 
  • Innovation – Understanding why working with a start-up will enable competitive advantage. 
  • Collaboration – Partnerships allowing for enhanced innovations.  



Staying Competitive with End-to-End Compatibility

  • How compatible is your IoT platform? 
  • Pros and cons of having a segmented industry focused platform. 
  • Ensuring interoperability to compete with a competitive markets and future advancements. 


Networking Break



Panel: Fuel of the Future – a Holistic look at the Smart Energy & Sustainability Space

  • Beyond utilities – how smart energy provides efficiency and sustainability across enterprises.   
  • Are deployment phases and data errors the biggest barriers in the slow progression here?   
  • How do you secure such critical infrastructures?  
  • Discussing the benefits of IoT applied technologies, AI and blockchain to enable a sustainable future.  



Creating Sustainable Tech for Smart Cities

  • The evolution of smart street wear – moving from individual devices to deployed connected systems. 
  • What to connect first? A look at a fully connected infrastructure from utilities and smart waste disposable, to autonomous vehicles. 
  • Maintaining security and privacy in connected living – where is the line drawn?  



The Importance of Interoperability

This session will cover the importance of interoperability for a truly connected and optimised eco-system.  



Leonie van den Beuken

Program Director

Amsterdam Smart City

Associated Talks:

03:40PM - Day 2

View Collaborating for Resilient Smart Cities

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Collaborating for Resilient Smart Cities

  • The latest trends and technologies advancing connected living. 
  • Moving from smart cities to resilient cities.  
  • Sustainable energy for a greener future.  
. Leonie van den Beuken, Program Director, Amsterdam Smart City


End of Day