Day 1 - 23 November 2021



IoT Digital Infrastructures: Chairperson’s Welcome

Opening talk – overview of sessions and key highlights.



From A to B – The Digital Supply Chain

  • Optimisation the supply chain – using Edge for data processing, collected from the IoT infrastructure.  
  • Connectivity considerations – what connectivity solution works best for different infrastructures 
  • As we continue with contactless services, care drones the way for the future?  



Living at the Edge for Optimum Response

  • Edge processing for optimum IoT deployments – how this resolves latency and connectivity barriers.   
  • The advantages of running on quicker response rates through a de-centralised system.  
  • Cloud analytics Vs Edge analytics – which allows for better data capture?   



IIoT – Improving Today for a Better Tomorrow

  • The progressions of AIML and additive manufacturing in IIoT – the challenges and solutions.  
  • Utilising Edge for optimum response rates and data led decision making. 
  • The critical role of IoT for remote management services.  
  • Reaching KPI’s through IoT enabled process optimisation. 
  • A shift towards sustainable practices – how IoT and other disruptive technologies can help.  


Networking Break



Panel: Data on the Move – Intelligent Decision Making for Process Optimisation

  • Mass data analysis – how to make the most of your insights and contextualise the data before it goes stale. 
  • Making data interoperable to utilise insights across silos.   
  • A global shift to remote management and more predictive and pro-active solutions – how IoT is the answer.  
  • Comparing infrastructure approaches and data latency.
  • Discussing ROI and ROV (return on value) – understanding the best approach and analysing a ‘future focus’. 



Digital Twins – the Connection Between Digital and Physical

  • Are digital twins the best starting block for building an optimised product/ system?  
  • How this technology enables AI, ML and IoT to work together to build concepts into reality.  
  • Using digital twins at scale to optimise the enterprise as we move passed a single asset limitation.  
  • Understanding the results to then put optimised solutions in place.  



Industry 5.0, the Next Frontier

  • Evolving from Industry 4.0 and the shift to a more sustainable and human-centric approach 
  • Cultural change – enabling the human workforce and machines to work in tandem for the digital age.  
  • The new emphasis on R&D.  
  • It is imperative industries evolve to this new way of thinking and manufacturing, but where do you begin?  


Networking Break



Panel: Unlimited Connectivity – IoT for Smart Infrastructures

  • How are IoT and wireless solutions enabling heightened connectivity for enterprise infrastructures?  
  • Ideas on where to start – what needs to be implemented early on in the process of digitising infrastructures? 
  • Does it all need to be the same or is variety key? Cloud vs Mesh Systems vs Edge Mesh integration 
  • As 5G allows for heightened connectivity and efficiency speeds, how is the adoption of this disrupting smart infrastructures?  
  • How to understand the data and glean insights through IoT and AI.



Covering the Range – Securing & Scaling IoT Device Connectivity

  • What IoT networks can provide the level of device connectivity you need?    
  • Sensor integration: how these vary and what barriers are present?  
  • The necessary steps that need to be taken to help secure the network – is this where Mobile Private Networks step-in?    
  • Is the latency of 5G Networks an enabler or a hinderance here? 



Smart City Use-case

To follow soon ….



End of Day 1

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Topics include: Digital Transformation | Digitisation | Cultural Change | Disruptive Technologies | Enterprise Sustainability | Smart Cities