Day 1 - 23 September 2021



IoT Digital Infrastructures – Chairperson’s Welcome

Opening talk – overview of sessions and key highlights.



Applying Sensors for Smarter Living

  • The future of the cognitive city with AI and IoT sensors.  
  • Utilising edge and 5G capabilities for immediate response connectivity.  
  • How to move from legacy infrastructures to a digitally optimised eco-system. 



Living at the Edge for Optimum Response 

  • Edge processing for optimum IoT deployments – how this resolves latency and connectivity barriers.    
  • The advantages of running on quicker response rates through a de-centralised system.   
  • Cloud analytics Vs Edge analytics – which allows for better data capture? 



Barriers to Adoption 

  • Barriers of legacy systems hindering digital progressions including, highly granular data, data protection and security, connection standards and products sold.  
  • The need for growth in new business models to enable digital progressions – the modernisation model.  
  • Cyber security as the afterthought – how to protect this from the start. 


Networking Break



Panel: Unlimited Connectivity – IoT for Smart Infrastructures

  • How are IoT and wireless solutions enabling greater connectivity for enterprise infrastructures? 
  • As 5G allows for heightened connectivity and efficiency speeds, how is the adoption of this disrupting smart infrastructures? 
  • Ideas on where to start – what needs to be implemented early on in the process of digitising infrastructures? 
  • How to understand the data and glean insights through IoT and AI. 
  • IoT’s role in building sustainable infrastructures.  



Digital Twins – the Connection Between Digital and Physical

  • Are digital twins the best starting block for building an optimised product/ system?  
  • How this technology enables AI, ML and IoT to work together to build concepts into reality.  
  • Using digital twins at scale to optimise the enterprise as we move passed a single asset limitation.  
  • Understanding the results to then put optimised solutions in place. 



Living on IoT – Technology for Buildings and the Smart Home Experience

  • Building connected devices – understanding the value and what solution is needed.  
  • Interoperability for connected buildings – sensors, systems & data. 
  • How cyber security and standards are evolving for smart homes. 
  • Buildings of the future, what are the next steps? A look at connectivity options and fully intergraded systems.  



Cloud for the Infrastructures of Tomorrow

To follow soon …


Networking Break



Women in TechEx Panel: Innovating for the Future – Where are the gaps? 

  • What are the latest innovations and solutions across the IoT landscape? 
  • Knowing the gaps across industries – where can you make a difference by innovating? 
  • Looking at the shift in the ways we innovate and what this is for – no longer just about ROI, but the ethical considerations.  
  • Moving from the idea of PoC’s ‘proof of concept’ to MVP ‘minimum value products’. 
  • A look at the opportunities disruptive technologies provide to create a more sustainable future – the shift to Society 5.0. 



Device Management

The session will cover the key considerations to look at when choosing the best IoT solution for a project.  



Innovative Application Development

  • Developing for the consumer – understanding the market need first.  
  • Key focuses when developing – security, privacy, compatibility and connectivity.  
  • Ready for market – where to look for investment and funding opportunities.  



Testing and Regulations

A look at the challenges and opportunities from a testing and regulatory perspective when developing an IoT solution.  



Prepare to Succeed – The Importance of R&D 

  • Research – What are the initial steps in researching and how to utilise the data gathered to understand your consumers. 
  • Innovation – Discussing the careful execution of a Proof of Concept (PoC) and managing expectations. 
  • Adoption – Industry use-cases of pilot adoption and acceleration. 
  • Outcome – How to determine if it was a success and how you can alter to succeed.  



End of Day 1

Click to view the agenda for in-person: Day 2 IoT Connectivity Innovations track 

Topics include: Network Connectivity | Wireless Solutions| Industry Use-cases | Disruptive Technologies | Future Progressions | 5G