Day 2 - 2 July 2020

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Elson Sutanto

Principal Analyst

Juniper Research

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IoT Innovations & Solutions: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Comments

Hear from an industry leading analyst about the latest trends, investments and market insights for start ups and companies wanting to adopt the IoT.

. Elson Sutanto, Principal Analyst, Juniper Research


Joerg Koepp

Market Segment Manager IoT

Rohde & Schwarz

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IoT Innovation: IP Security Testing for IoT

Security and privacy are both critical for the success of the Internet of Things. Testing and certification of IoT devices can play a vital role to protect the Internet of Things but also to protect critical infrastructure against potentially vulnerable IoT devices. The talk tries to illuminate the cornerstones of a secure Internet of Things and demonstrate smart ways of testing IP connection security.

. Joerg Koepp, Market Segment Manager IoT, Rohde & Schwarz


Philipp Struss



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IoT Innovation: Streamsheets, Build IoT-based Apps & Microservices like professional programmers just by using your Spreadsheet skills

  • Learn how to build full grown IoT Applications and Microservices with Cedalo’s innovative Streamsheet technology.
  • How to connect Streamsheets with sensors and actuators over MQTT, REST or Apache Kafka.
  • Build real-time analytical applications for Smart Factory, Smart Building or Smart City using just your spreadsheet skills.
  • How to deploy Streamsheet applications and microservices as reliable 24/7 server processes in the private or public cloud.
. Philipp Struss, COO, Cedalo


Paul Berkovic

Chief Commercial Officer


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IoT Innovation: Accelerating the implementation of industrial IOT

– What kind of problems are a good fit for IoT?
– What do IOT ‘solutions’ actually look like? See our real-world case studies
– The top 5 things to consider when planning for IoT adoption

. Paul Berkovic, Chief Commercial Officer, Rayven


Michał Sadowski

Sales Director

Antaira Technologies

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11:20AM - Day 2

View IoT Innovation: Cybersecurity in Industrial Automation Systems

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IoT Innovation: Cybersecurity in Industrial Automation Systems

Cyber security of automation systems plays an increasingly important role in the planning and design of industrial automation infrastructure. More frequent connection in IIoT systems between OT and IT may creates danger back doors for hackers. Continuous monitoring and detection of anomalies as well as the possibility of quick reaction are of key factor to protect systems. Such actions are essential for  internal security and provide the ability to quickly respond to cyber attack to protect against  penetration of the system or generation of false commands for automation systems. When designing the system, a comprehensive approach to the problem and selecting network components such as switches, routers or LAN controllers ensuring complete security is necessary. During the presentation we will introduce issues related to secure networks and the criteria for selecting the right network components.

. Michał Sadowski, Sales Director , Antaira Technologies


Networking Break


Jork Leonhardt

Head of Operations

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IoT Innovation: Connecting the Physical World to Blockchain

Combining IoT with blockchain provides new opportunities to target existing issues in the IoT world like security risks, interoperability of smart devices and autonomous behavior. developed the first minimal verification blockchain client, designed to run on microcontroller and low-performance IoT devices enabling trustworthy and fast access to blockchain for large numbers of IoT devices.

. Jork Leonhardt, Head of Operations,


Orkun Gunduz

Director of Business Development

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IoT Innovation: Improving operational efficiency with IoT and AI within industrial sectors

  • Current movement towards digital transformation within the industrial sector
  • Operational challenges within industrial sectors and WHY going digital is inevitable
  • How IoT is helping line of businesses to improve their operational efficiency with AI
  • Case study
. Orkun Gunduz, Director of Business Development,


Aling Wu

AI & IoT Alliance Director/ eCommerce Director

AAEON Technology Europe BV

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IoT Innovation: AI On The Edge

This presentation will introduce industrial hardware accelerated solutions for inference at the edge.

. Aling Wu, AI & IoT Alliance Director/ eCommerce Director, AAEON Technology Europe BV


Networking Break


Stefan Kimmer

Co-Founder and Software Developer

S2E - Systems

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IoT Innovation: Developing Data-Centric Control Systems for the IIoT

  • Evolution of control software systems in industrial environment
  • What is data-centric and why is it needed?
  • Developing model-based feedback control
  • Dynamic deployment and distributed system configuration
. Stefan Kimmer, Co-Founder and Software Developer, S2E - Systems


Pim Stolk

Technical Lead


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IoT Innovation: Enabling smart devices to pay autonomously in 20 minutes

This talk will cover FINN Banking of Things journey, the product, how to use it, and the impact that it will have on the sector.

. Pim Stolk, Technical Lead, FINN


Piet Vandaele



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IoT Innovation: How IoT Automation can help Drive Business Growth

Automation is the technology that turns IoT data and insights into concrete actions that deliver results. Without serious automation capabilities, data remains underutilized and few stakeholders benefit from the benefits that IoT insights bring. In this talk we’ll have a look at how IoT automation accelerates application development, reduces operational costs and time to market and enables better use of IoT data.

. Piet Vandaele, CEO, Waylay


Davide Coppola

Business Developer and Project Manager

European Space Agency

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Keynote: Space and Disruptive Smart Technologies: State of Play and Future Opportunities

The presentation will provide examples of combined applications of satellite and disruptive technologies such as AI and IoT in different verticals, with focus on energy; the presentation will conclude with  an overview of ESA business applications ( initiatives to  support businesses in the development of solutions leveraging on AI and space technologies.

About ESA Business Applications (
ESA Business Applications support the development, implementation and pilot operations of downstream space-based services. These applications utilise data from existing space assets, such as Satellite Communication, Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation and Human Spaceflight technologies, in combination with terrestrial technologies, to deliver sustainable services for the benefit of user communities. The vision of ESA Business Applications is to improve the lives of people on Earth through Space. We make this possible by enabling and supporting businesses in the short-term commercialisation and application of Space data and technology for everyday services.

. Davide Coppola, Business Developer and Project Manager, European Space Agency


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