Day 2 - 20 June 2019


IoT Innovations & Solutions: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Comments

Hear from an industry leading analyst about the latest trends, investments and market insights for start ups and companies wanting to adopt the IoT.

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IoT Innovation: Edge Computing

The expanding implementation of Edge computing can be seen across the IoT eco-system – According to Medium, experts predict that in the next 2 years, 5.6 billion IoT devices owned by enterprises and governments will utilise edge computing for data collection and processing. 

  • Is the flexibility of generating, collecting and analysing data at the edge of networks the key to competitive advantage? 
  • What does this easily accessible data mean for businesses? 
  • The future of edge computing and what this means for the cloud
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IoT Innovation: Cloud Infrastructure

  • Migration to the cloud – Using the cloud for information operations 
  • Economic benefits of a pay-per-use model 
  • Scalability in delivery
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Mirko Wutkewicz

Head of Digital Accelerator


Associated Talks:

11:00AM - Day 2

View Panel: Predictions, IoT 2020 and Beyond

12:00PM - Day 2

View Siemens Presentation

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Panel: Predictions, IoT 2020 and Beyond

  • In the last year, what have been the hottest Innovations within the IoT Market? 
  • What’s the next industry to be transformed by the IoT? 
  • The IoT has come a long way in the last 10 years, what are the predictions for the next 10 years?
. Mirko Wutkewicz, Head of Digital Accelerator, Siemens
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Jork Leonhardt

Head of Operations

Associated Talks:

12:00PM - Day 2

View IoT Innovation: Device Management

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IoT Innovation: Device Management

Key considerations when choosing the right device management platform for your IoT project

. Jork Leonhardt, Head of Operations,
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IoT Innovation: Application Development

  • Which sector are you developing for? 
  • Key focuses when developing – Security, privacy, compatibility and connectivity 
  • Where to find your funding? Responsibility sourcing
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IoT Innovation: Streamsheets, Build IoT-based Apps & Microservices like professional programmers just by using your Spreadsheet skills

  • Learn how to build full grown IoT Applications and Microservices with Cedalo’s innovative Streamsheet technology 
  • Discover how to connect Streamsheets with sensors and actuators over MQTT, REST or Apache Kafka 
  • Build real-time analytical applications for Smart Factory, Smart Building or Smart City using just your spreadsheet skills 
  • How to deploy Streamsheet applications and microservices as reliable 24/7 server processes in the private or public cloud
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Stefan Kimmer

Co-Founder and Software Developer

S2E - Systems

Associated Talks:

02:20PM - Day 2

View IoT Innovation: Developing Data-Centric Control Systems for the IIoT

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IoT Innovation: Developing Data-Centric Control Systems for the IIoT

  • Evolution of control software systems in industrial environment
  • What is data-centric and why is it needed?
  • Developing model-based feedback control
  • Dynamic deployment and distributed system configuration
. Stefan Kimmer, Co-Founder and Software Developer, S2E - Systems
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IoT Innovation: Compatibility

  • How compatible is your IoT platform? 
  • Pros V Cons of having a segmented industry focused platform 
  • Ensuring interoperability to compete with future advancements
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IoT Innovation: Deriving Value from the IoT

IoT platforms provide insights into everything it’s connected with – This session will look at gaining value from your IoT application, including competitive advantage and economic benefits 

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IoT Innovation: Security for IoT Devices

This talk will focus on the importance of security within IoT devices: 

  • Which platform suits your needs? 
  • Solutions for weak spots within your security platform 
  • Multi-layered security vs a simplistic approach, which option best protects from cyber-attacks?
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IoT Innovation: RFID & Sensors

Sensors are at the core of IoT – The growing demand for smart electronics and wearable devices (MEMS, Micro-electromechanical system) has allowed for sensors to deliver in numerous sectors. RFID has provided a solution for wide spread connectivity in supply chains and warehouse storage. This session will look at how the deployment of RFID and smart sensors within IoT has impacted: 

  • Consumer products 
  • Medical and Healthcare Sector 
  • Home automation and hospitality 
  • Manufacturing
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