Day 2

28 June 2018

IoT Innovations and Technologies

The IoT Innovations and Technologies track provides a platform for businesses from start-up level and beyond to showcase the latest innovation across the entire IoT ecosystem that are transforming the way enterprise and business view the Internet of Things. Demonstrable technologies include the latest IoT platforms, gateways, E2E systems, connectivity, security and device management solutions as well as the latest IoT tech from drones to 3D printers. Hear from Industry thought leaders about how these technologies are creating new business paradigms and transforming whole sectors in areas as diverse as health, industry, transport and security. Attracting a diverse audience of senior decision makers from enterprise, the public sector and service providers, as well as many of the leading investor groups for this sector this stage is the place to be for a quickfire look at what is new for 2017 and beyond.


IoT Innovations & Technologies: Chair’s Welcome and opening comments

Hear from an industry leading analyst about the latest trends, investments and market insights for start ups and companies wanting to adopt the IoT.


Panel: Strategies for funding your IoT idea

Analysing the IoT start up global landscape, and how new businesses are entering the market.
Comparing funding strategies strengths and weaknesses; crowd funding, VC investment, partnering with large companies and more.
Discussing new ways to fund IoT projects using decentralised funding, ICOs etc – how will Fintech change the way IoT start ups run?
What is the impact of the big four (Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft) on companies entering the IoT market?


IoT Innovation: Security

This talk will highlight some of the latest IoT security developments from one of the industry’s leading providers of E2E security solutions.


IoT Innovation: Device Management

This talk will address the role of device management within the IoT ecosystem from the perspective of an industry leader in the field.


IoT Innovation: Analytics

Hear from a company tackling the challenges associated with analysing the wealth of data generated by the increasing number of IoT devices.


Networking Break


Panel: Monetising your IoT idea

Evaluating the different business models companies can take when decided how to generate revenue for their IoT product or service using real life examples.
Do consumers expect more transparency in the monetisation models for the IoT products they are using compared to previous years?
Is Data Analytics still a key driver for monetisation? And what role does the increased sharing economy have on how you make money from your product?
Moving towards value based IoT outcomes – pricing based on the value to the customer rather than the cost to vendor.
Considering the life cycle of your product when creating your business strategy.


IoT Innovation: Healthcare

In this talk, we will consider how innovations in IoT Technology such as enhanced medical imaging and near-real-time analytics will revolutionise the way we view healthcare.


IoT Innovation: Visual Analytics

Increasingly the data generated by IoT devices like smart cameras is visual – hear how new data tools process this in the real world.


Networking Break


IoT Innovation: AR/VR

A case study from enterprise about how AR/VR technology is being utilised to aid workers, improve safety and add business value, including real life examples and a discussion of some of the challenges and opportunities presented by this technology within the workplace.


IoT Innovation: Wearables

An industry leading wearables company will highlight some of their successes – from health to sport and industrial use cases for wearable technology.


Panel: Is IoT driving digital transformation of industries?

Discussing examples of how industry and enterprise have successfully employed IoT to digitally transform their businesses.
What role can integration of IoT play in improving service delivery, health and safety and efficiency?
What else can IoT vendors do to aid digital transformation within their customers businesses – discussing future technologies and directions.
Comparing strategies – building from the ground up vs. using existing hardware and platforms and the role of counterparty risk.


IoT Innovation: Drones

Exploring the role of drone technology that utilises the IoT from a global leader in the field.


IoT Innovation: Robotics and AI

This talk will address the interconnections between IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence – hearing real world examples of where these technologies are being deployed.


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