Day 1 - 20 September 2022



Operational IoT & 5G: Chairperson’s Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: IoT on the Move with the Smart Automotive

  • Current roll-out and real-life use of connected cars – what we’ve learnt so far. 
  • Utilising Edge technologies for quick response.  
  • Securing connected cars – what are the biggest issues in this space?  



Keynote Presentation: Working on the Edge for Optimum Response

  • Edge processing for optimum IoT deployments – how this resolves latency and connectivity barriers.    
  • The advantages of running on quicker response rates through a de-centralised system.   
  • Examples of Edge technologies at work.  



Panel: Keeping Smart Infrastructures on the Edge

  • Edge technologies enabling interconnectivity for truly optimised infrastructures – the advantages of being able to create localised infrastructures.  
  • Ideas on where to start – what needs to be implemented early on in the process of digitising infrastructures? 
  • How to understand the data and glean insights through IoT.  
  • What new services will arise from these optimised infrastructures?  



Networking Break



Presentation: Interoperability Enabling Smart Infrastructures

  • Securing the infrastructure – a key factor in strategy development. 
  • How interoperable are current solutions in the market? 
  • Creating a fully digital infrastructure – how to digitalise legacy systems. 



Presentation: Applying Sensors for Smarter Living

  • The future of the cognitive city with AI and IoT sensors.  
  • Utilising edge and 5G capabilities for immediate response connectivity.  
  • How to move from legacy infrastructures to a digitally optimised eco-system.  



Presentation: Creating Sustainable Tech for Smart Cities

  • The evolution of smart street wear – moving from individual devices to deployed connected systems. 
  • What to connect first? A look at a fully connected infrastructure from utilities and smart waste disposable, to autonomous vehicles. 
  • Maintaining security and privacy in connected living – where is the line drawn?  



Lunch & Networking Break



Presentation: Private Networks Roll-out

Real-world examples of 5G private networks – where we are currently at in this space and the next steps for more rollouts.  



Presentation: IoT Running on 5G

  • How Critical IoT and Massive IoT reach higher capabilities running on 5G.  
  • Understanding the role of capacity for the sheer number of connected devices deployed.   
  • Running on ultra-low latency for instant data insights and AI responses. 



Presentation: AI Opportunities in 5G

  • Combining AI at the Edge as the ultimate game-changer.   
  • Using trials and testing to see where AI can really impact opportunities and experiences.   
  • AI and ML as part of critical infrastructure for operations and maintenance optimisation. 



Networking Break



Panel: Creating Immersive Experiences with 5G

  • Creating audience immersion through AV, VR, ML and robotics.   
  • The extensive capability of user personalisation now available.   
  • Using Edge, AI and digital technologies to enable higher bandwidth and stronger coverage.     
  • Trials and testing for the future of 5G optimised entertainment. 



Presentation: Open RAN for Flexible 5G

  • Collaborative working for greater flexibility.  
  • Costs of 5G, can Open RAN help to aid the financial burden? 
  • The new capabilities to create new features and services at speed. 



Presentation: The New World of Connectivity – 5G & the Future

  • How to break the public perception of 5G.    
  • The need to focus on 5G led business models, MNO platforms and services as the next step for commercialisation.   
  • Private Vs Public networks – understanding the convergence of these and how it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to connectivity.   
  • Why MNO’s need to work together to create a digital eco-system for 5G to reach its potential.  



End of Day 1

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