Day 2

28 June 2018


Privacy & Security: Chair’s welcome and opening comments


Case Study: Managing your identity and privacy in the IoT

With more and more IOT devices collecting data about you, from the devices you wear to your car and home and city, is the concept of privacy now outdated?  Should consumers and companies alike be considering the concept of different privacies for the different networks their IoT devices are part of?  This talk will explore this theme using real world examples from across industries.

As the cloud is the new home of connectivity, how can we ensure that IoT platforms are secure? Are Identity and Access Management technologies the answer?


Keynote Panel: An E2E approach to tackling data security challenges of the IoT

Travis Witteveen



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02:40PM - Day 2

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  • Enabling data security in IoT – protecting integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of information
  • Addressing the risks of big data – greater volume of sensitive data creating a greater risk of data and identity theft, device manipulation, data falsification, IP theft and server/network manipulation etc.
  • What are the different considerations for consumer owned connected device vs. those owned by legal entities?
  • Importance of other aspects of IoT security; testing, education of staff and physical security.
  • What influence will the incoming GDPR have on the IoT sector?
. Travis Witteveen, CEO, Avira


Networking Break


The importance of collaboration for IoT security

  • Understanding the unique challenges of security for the IoT, and that every party in the supply chain needs to understand these risks from chip vendors and software developers to ODM’s and service providers.
  • How can companies across the ecosystem collaborate to ensure stronger security?
  • What influence can different verticals have here – from securing smart cities to connected vehicles, and what are the different considerations for each?
  • Analysing the role and efficacy of standards organisations in IoT security.


Case Study: The role of penetration testing in IoT 

The sheer number of devices involved within the IoT make it especially vulnerable to hackers, and hence penetration testing has a growing role within the IoT security lifecycle. What do companies developing and utilising IoT technologies have to consider to protect their devices and data from This talk will discuss the challenges and opportunities in this field, with real life examples from enterprises.


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