Why Join Us?

Welcome to the world of endless possibilities at the IoT Tech Expo! If you are intrigued by cutting-edge technologies and their transformative impact on businesses and daily life, then this expo is the perfect platform for you. Join us to explore the fascinating realm of the Internet of Things, where innovation knows no bounds. With a myriad of groundbreaking exhibits, expert-led discussions, and networking opportunities, the IoT Tech Expo is your gateway to discovering the future, today. Embrace the power of connected devices and immerse yourself in the forefront of technological advancements at this unmissable event. Get ready to be inspired, informed, and empowered as we navigate the ever-evolving IoT landscape together.

Join us at IoT Tech Expo Europe on 1-2 October 2024, to hear from industry leading digital experts and discover key strategies for marking your IoT efforts a success.

This event is part of TechEx Europe, which covers Digital Transformation, AI & Big DataBlockchain, and Cyber Security & Cloud, so you can learn a variety of key enterprise technology solutions all in one place, under one roof.

Internet der Dingen Expo

Hear from the Experts

Experience dynamic live sessions with over 150 influential speakers sharing unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences. From solo presentations to expert panel discussions and fireside chats, gain valuable insights across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, retail, telecoms, government, transportation/automotive, healthcare, and cyber security.

Internet der Dingen Expo

Learn the Latest in IoT

During the event, our expert-led sessions and workshops will delve into the transformative potential of IoT technologies, exploring their impact on various industries and daily life. Stay informed and gain invaluable insights into the future of IoT through our comprehensive and engaging learning opportunities at IoT Tech Expo.

Internet der Dingen Expo

Networking Opportunities

The event goes beyond mere discussions, offering opportunities to explore new tech and strategic approaches. Network with peers who are actively implementing IoT. With over 6000 attendees, including IT director, CPO, COO, CTO, IT Architects, VPs, and many more, this event is a must-attend for all those interested in the Internet of Things,

Topics Covered

Digital Twins
IoT & Device Security
Industry 4.0 & 5.0
Connectivity Solutions
Edge Computing
Data Analytics
Internet der Dingen Expo

AI-Powered Apps

Our AI-powered app is the official networking solution, offering a seamless experience on desktop and mobile. It’s not only a platform for networking but is also a hub to plan your day effortlessly. Access the agenda, explore the speakers, and exhibitors, and easily connect and arrange meetings with all other visitors.

Internet der Dingen Expo

Networking party

Join our official networking party following Day 1 of the event at Strandzuid Boathouse, next to the RAI. Network with industry leaders, make valuable contacts, and forge connections with like-minded professionals. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to meet potential business partners and enjoy an evening of networking.

Internet der Dingen Expo

Live Demos

Take advantage of the Expo Floor & Tradeshow, featuring 200+ interactive exhibitors. Explore a wide range of cutting-edge products, services, and innovations. Attend live demos and engaging workshops to stay updated on the latest advancements in the tech space. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover and experience the forefront of technology.

Co-Located Enterprise Technology Events

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