• Redev Technology

    Stand 53

    Redev Enterprises, works with Industry leaders around the world to contribute our knowledge and passion to their Digital Transformation ...read more

  • RICO

    Stand 84

    RISO UK manufactures and distributes innovative digital print solutions that help people save time and money. We have developed ...read more

  • China Mobile

    Stand 111

    China Mobile International Limited (CMI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited (HKEX: 0941), operating China Mobile’s international ...read more


    Stand 31

    GOSPACE gained a unique experience with space hardware projects including cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) and continues ...read more

  • Ufit

    Stand 128

    We are an ed-tech solution developer focused on writing and sharing ideas. There are so many ways to learn. ...read more

  • IGEL

    Stand 33

    IGEL is a leading international IT software company offering solutions in end-user computing. Aligned with the world’s most prominent ...read more

  • Cyolo Security Ltd.

    Stand 108

    Cyolo’s unified platform securely connects local and mobile users to the tools and data they need, in the organizational ...read more

  • MiniDis

    Stand 19

    MiniDis is a specialized European Value Added Distributor (VAD). VAD’s such as  miniDis, deliver distinctive IT and IoT products, ...read more

  • Fair Winds Digital

    Stand 98

    Fair Winds Digital was born with the intent of facilitating and accelerating IoT integration, leveraging the potential of edge ...read more

  • Solwit

    Stand 29

    Solwit was founded in 2011, but its founders built their managing experience by leading global and Polish IT companies ...read more

  • Gateway Electronic Components

    Stand 86

    Gateway Electronic Components was founded in 2000 by a team of industry professionals time-served in the franchised components distributor ...read more

  • Vernaio

    Stand 10

    Vernaio is an AI IoT solutions provider headquartered in Munich, Germany. Our powerful industrial AI helps companies optimize production ...read more

  • Anders Electronics

    Stand 19

    Anders are experts in flexible IOT solutions all in one place – low power, fanless ARM IOT Gateways for ...read more

  • CASP

    Stand 102

    CASP is a software and consulting company, based in Athens, Greece, working closely with European and local industry as ...read more

  • Wireless Logic

    Stand 117

    Wireless Logic is a leading global IoT connectivity platform provider that simplifies and automates IoT management for any device, ...read more

  • WWT

    Stand 106

    Founded in 1990, WWT has grown to become a global technology solution provider with $14.5 billion in annual revenue. ...read more

  • Trusted Twin


    Trusted Twin is an API-first developer platform for secure real-time data sharing and integrations. It allows developers to focus ...read more

  • DBOS

    Stand 61

    DBOS enables huge cost savings for mobile networks, connectivity providers and IoT users. It enables improved performance for your ...read more

  • Transatel

    Stand 104

    Transatel (subsidiary of NTT Ltd.) is a global MVNO Enabler and cellular connectivity services provider for the IoT. Our ...read more

  • SEZO Sp. z o.o

    Stand 31

    We are developers of hardware devices. Our specialty are solutions using wireless communication / radio frequencies (in particular LoRaWAN, ...read more

  • Teragence

    Stand 22

    Teragence is a mobile network crowdsourcing and geo-analytics business. We serve businesses in the location, real-estate, mobility and telecommunications ...read more

  • Honor Group

    Stand 25

    Honor Group Co., Ltd approved as professional, internationally operated engineering company with business covering domestic and overseas EPC/EP projects, ...read more

  • CHI Software

    Stand 27

    CHI Software is a software development service provider operating on the global IT market for 16 years. Our company ...read more

  • Sparkle

    Stand 52

    Sparkle is a leading global service provider offering a full range of ICT solutions, global connectivity, services and capabilities ...read more

  • The IoT Gateway

    Stand 86

    Innovation, inspiration, IoT.    The IoT Gateway has partnered up with industry leaders to provide a seamless solution to ...read more

  • AWS

    Stand 119

    ...read more

  • Counterpart Solutions Limited

    Stand 146

    Counterpart provides software solutions to optimise operations, improve efficiency and save money, to enable your business to reach its ...read more

  • Stoorm5

    Stand 93

    Stoorm5 is an innovative PMI founded by engineers and researchers from the University of Bologna. We intend to present ...read more

  • Cedalo AG

    Stand 24

    Cedalo is the provider and sponsor of Eclipse Streamsheets and Eclipse Mosquitto. Streamsheets is the no-code platform for building ...read more

  • Globalstar

    Stand 78

    Globalstar empowers its customers to connect, transmit and communicate in smarter ways – easily, quickly, securely, and affordably – offering ...read more

  • Sensational Systems Limited

    Stand 79

    We’re LPWAN IoT specialists, focused on LoRaWAN solutions. We are partnered with the leaders in LoRaWAN hardware and software ...read more

  • Astrocast

    Stand 82

    We deliver end-to-end, direct-to-satellite IoT connectivity services to expand IoT to remote regions of the world. ...read more

  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

    Stand 109

    We are Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. Our mission is to make everything connect with digital age networking, communications and cloud solutions. ...read more

  • NetworkScience

    Stand 14

    Network Science: co-creating DeepTech Innovation with Global Enterprises We collaborate with enterprises in their innovation journey to “Change the ...read more

  • Mikrodev Informatics Software Electronics Ltd

    Stand 16

    Mikrodev IT Software Electronics Industry and Trade Co.Ltd. has been founded in 2006 in İstanbul. In 2011, Mikrodev has ...read more

  • Ebrand

    Stand 99

    We protect brands online Clients entrust us their domains for management, strategic advice, monitoring, recovery and state-of-the-art DNS solutions. ...read more

  • Kineis

    Stand 110

    Created in 2018, Kinéis is a satellite operator and global connectivity provider. The company inherits the forty years of ...read more

  • Aurora

    Stand 212

    Our customers trust us to give them the best possible advice, thanks to our knowledge and integrity, and our ...read more

  • Orkney LORA

    Stand 83

    Bringing LoRaWAN devices to the wider B2B and consumer markets, by offering a simple “ready to use” package. That ...read more

  • Ground Control

    Stand 121

    Ground Control was launched when a triumvirate of leading brands – Rock Seven, Wireless Innovation, and Ground Control – ...read more

  • Huawei

    Stand N/A

    Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. ...read more

  • Bringo Group Ltd.

    Stand 80

    We are here to make your digital customer engagement simple yet robust through our range of powerful, fast and ...read more

  • Concept13

    Stand 103

    IoT LoRaWAN Technology and Fulfilment Experts.   Concept13 are Europe’s leading LoRaWAN Technology Experts.  We provide expert LoRaWAN consultancy, ...read more

  • FirstPoint Mobile Guard

    Stand 92

    Simplifying IoT connectivity. FirstPoint provides a comprehensive secured Cellular Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) that protects any cellular-connected devices from ...read more

  • EMQ

    Stand 51

    EMQ is an open source software company providing highly-scalable, real-time messaging and streaming engine for IoT platform & applications ...read more

  • Xiamin Bivocom Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Stand 52

    Bivocom is a leading wireless terminal designer and solution provider for IoT and M2M, providing rugged and secure industrial ...read more

  • Cradlepoint

    Stand 88

    Cradlepoint is the global leader in cloud-delivered wireless edge solutions for branch, mobile, and IoT networks. Cradlepoint’s Elastic Edge™ ...read more

  • Hongdian Corporation

    Stand 53

    Hongdian Corporation is a leading global provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services. ...read more

  • SenX

    Stand 21

    SenX (senx.io) is the software publisher of Warp 10 (www.warp10.io), an open source solution to manage sensors / IoT ...read more

  • IEEE Xplore® Digital Library

    Stand 102

    The IEEE Xplore® Digital Library is your gateway to trusted research— journals, conferences, standards, ebooks, open science solutions and ...read more

  • IoT Catalyst

    Stand 98

    IoT Catalyst S.r.l., formerly Fair Winds Digital S.r.l., is a Relatech Group’s company with excellent expertise in IoT technologies ...read more


    Stand 85

    HARDWARIO develop and manufacture unique IoT devices characterized by very low power consumption, Internet connectivity from anywhere and easy ...read more

  • Eseye

    Stand 91

    We unlock the full potential of IoT, free from the complexities of global cellular connectivity. We have everything you ...read more

  • Urban Data Collective


    Charge4Cities is a decision support tool that empowers local authorities to understand charge point infrastructure utilisation, to forecast future ...read more

  • Sensinov


    PLATONIC (deeP LeArning neTwOrks for building’s eNergy effICiency) uses cutting edge technologies, such as Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL), to ...read more

  • Dative.io


    Dative allows each client to create, activate and control their own marketing campaigns through our B2B marketplace API where ...read more

  • CyStellar


    The CyStellar risk assessment platform (CyStellar TerraRisk Re) integrates, manages, and secures data from ground sensors, air surveillance platforms, ...read more

  • Builtrix


    The success of every energy improvement needs regular benchmarking and assessment of energy performance. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, paperwork, ...read more

  • Alvin

    Stand 42

    Alvin.ai powers your data and analytics workflows with metadata, maximising the business impact of your data team. Increasingly complex ...read more

  • Alphamind Solutions

    Stand 105

    Alphamind Solutions has developed FireflyBI, an information management platform that allows organisations and individuals to make the best possible ...read more

  • Smardaten

    Stand 135a

    Smardaten, a global leader of the 4th generation of data-driven NoCode technology. Uniquely powered with seamlessly integrated big-data platform ...read more

  • Comino

    Stand 137

    Comino is an international liquid tech solution provider that designs and manufactures multi-GPU workstations and servers capable of hosting ...read more

  • Lead Forensics

    Stand 44

    Lead Forensics is the software that reveals the identity of your anonymous website visitors, turning them into actionable sales-ready ...read more

  • PingCAP

    Stand 136

    PingCAP, the company backs TiDB. TiDB is an open-source NewSQL database that supports Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) ...read more


    Stand 157

    REACH is a European-wide second-generation incubator for data-fuelled start-ups & SMEs that aims to facilitate the development of trusted ...read more

  • Optum

    Stand 155

    Optum is a health services and innovation company on a mission to help people live healthier lives and to ...read more

  • Liqid

    Stand 125

    Liqid’s composable infrastructure software platform, Liqid Matrix™, unlocks cloud-like speed and flexibility plus higher efficiency from data center infrastructure. Now IT ...read more

  • Kogan Page

    Stand 32

    Kogan Page is a leading independent publisher of award-winning business books from global experts, academics and specialist professionals, helping ...read more

  • QUIX

    Stand 97

    Quix helps developers, product teams and data scientists efficiently build products with streaming data. With Quix, organizations can analyze ...read more

  • Infopulse

    Stand N/A

    Infopulse, part of the leading Nordic digital services company Tietoevry, is an international vendor of services in the areas ...read more

  • Snowplow

    Stand 111

    Snowplow is a behavioral data platform, built to empower data teams to capture and operationalize behavioral data at scale. ...read more

  • Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional

    Stand 65

    We work together with companies, exporters and investors to develop their businesses in Argentina, providing support, information and facilitation. ...read more

  • LARUS Business Automation

    Stand 154

    In August 2021 LARUS and Fujitsu launched Galileo.XAI, a data analytics platform based on graphs that can be quickly integrated with solutions already in place, ...read more

  • causaLens

    Stand 87

    causaLens is a London deep-tech company building a machine that predicts the global economy in real-time, leading time-series and ...read more

  • T-DAB.AI

    Stand 135

    T-DAB.AI is technology company on a mission to revolutionise the build and transformation of IoT powered businesses through decentralised ...read more

  • Mitiga

    Stand 94

    Mitiga’s technology and services lower the impact of cyber breaches and optimize readiness for cloud and hybrid incidents and accelerate both response ...read more

  • Rebellion Defense

    Stand 25

    Rebellion Defense builds mission-focused AI products for the defense and security of the United States, the United Kingdom, and ...read more

  • Commvault

    Stand 120

    Commvault is a global leader in data management. Our Intelligent Data Services help your organization do amazing things with ...read more

  • NinjaOne


    NinjaOne is committed to building high-performance, scalable, secure, and easy-to-use IT management products that monitor, remediate, and enable MSPs ...read more

  • CybSafe

    Stand 113

    CybSafe are here to shake up the traditional approach to security awareness. It simply doesn’t work. Computer-based training, e-learning, ...read more

  • Six Degrees


    Six Degrees offer managed cloud services the way they should be. Work in partnership with their strategic cloud experts, ...read more

  • Transmit Security


    Transmit Security was founded in 2014 with the aim of making customer identity and access management (CIAM) simple, secure ...read more

  • Acuity Risk Management

    Stand 181

    Purpose-built for risk management from the ground up, Acuity’s STREAM platform provides an integrated view of risk bringing cyber ...read more

  • Lansweeper

    Stand 118

    Lansweeper is an IT Asset Management platform provider helping businesses better understand, manage and protect their IT devices and network. ...read more

  • KPMG

    Stand 112

    Through helping other organizations mitigate risks and grasp opportunities, we can drive positive, sustainable change for clients, our people ...read more

  • Keeper

    Stand 37

    Keeper Security is transforming the way people and organizations around the world secure their passwords, secrets and confidential information. ...read more

  • Teleport

    Stand 36

    Teleport is trusted by the world’s most innovative companies who refuse to trade agility for security. By consolidating all ...read more

  • D3 Security

    Stand 115

    D3 Security’s NextGen SOAR platform is the only SOAR platform that combines automation and orchestration across 500+ integrated tools ...read more

  • Fastly

    Stand 114

    With Fastly’s powerful edge cloud platform, developers get the tools they need to build the most groundbreaking apps — ...read more

  • Thomas Murray

    Stand 64

    Thomas Murray is a global risk company. Decision makers and risk professionals use their data, risk and technology products ...read more

  • Skyhawk Security

    Stand 172

    Skyhawk Security is a leader in cloud threat detection and response and protects dozens of the world’s leading organizations ...read more

  • boxxe

    Stand 116

    We solve IT challenges for remarkable organisations in the UK. boxxe are a full-service IT solutions provider, with particular ...read more


    Stand 96

    VIPRE Security Group, part of Ziff Davis, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZD), is an award-winning global cybersecurity, privacy and data protection ...read more

  • iSTORM®️ Privacy – Security – Pentesting

    Stand 40

    -iSTORM®️ are a leading advisory service provider for Privacy, Cyber Security, and Penetration Testing solutions. Our mission is to ...read more

  • Elastic

    Stand 66

    Increasingly complex attacks require new approaches to cyber protection. Elastic Security accelerates and improves prevention, detection and response for ...read more

  • Darktrace

    Stand 63

    Darktrace is the world’s leading cyber AI company and the creator of Autonomous Response technology.   Its self-learning AI ...read more

  • OneTrust

    Stand 55

    As society redefines risk and opportunity, OneTrust empowers tomorrow’s leaders to succeed through trust and impact with the Trust Intelligence Platform. ...read more

  • ManageEngine

    Stand 95

    ManageEngine crafts comprehensive IT management software with a focus on making your job easier. Our 90+ products and free ...read more

  • Schwatech

    Stand 12

    SchwaTech LLC is a mechatronics, robotics and automation engineering company producing innovative solutions. ...read more

  • SettleMint, high-performance low-code blockchain platform

    Stand 69

    SettleMint, the world’s most complete high performance low-code blockchain platform for enterprises. SettleMint is the world’s most complete high-performance ...read more

  • Rubix

    Stand 8

    Rubix is an L1 blockchain protocol for peer-to-peer data transfers and transactions. The first green blockchain platform in the ...read more

  • SapidBlue Technologies

    Stand 307

    SapidBlue offers Digital Product Engineering Services with AI & Blockchain First Approach, powered by highly customizable Digital Accelerators. ...read more

  • Argos KYC

    Stand 179

    Argos KYC aims to provide a global online identity verification solution for KYC and AML screening. Argos KYC Demo Argos ID: ...read more

  • Alsomine

    Stand 126

    alsomine a funded technology startup based in Israel, with team members working locally and remotely around the world. ​We ...read more

  • Flosslab

    Stand 48

    Flosslab is an innovative SME that offers advanced software solutions for Public Bodies and Private Organizations, specialized in the ...read more

  • Trakti

    Stand 178

    Trakti is an end-to-end platform for smart, self-executing and compliant contracts running on both private and public blockchains to ...read more

  • BAMM Protocol

    Stand 1a

    We’ve created the BAMM transport protocol to have a universal foundation for building web3 social decentralized apps that transfer ...read more

  • Redlight Finance

    Stand 71

    Redlight Finance started out from humble beginnings. They began as a cryptocurrency promotional/discussion group on telegram, and soon thereafter ...read more

  • Libra Incentix

    Stand 70

    Libra Incentix is a technology consultancy specialising in digital transformation, change management and brand loyalty ...read more

  • Redwerk

    Stand 1a

    Since 2005 Redwerk establish and service fully managed dedicated software development teams in Ukraine, as well as deliver custom ...read more


    Stand 76

    COLIBRIX was designed as an all-in-one smart payment solution solving the exciting challenges of business of any size and ...read more

  • Bloock

    Stand 1b

    BLOOCK is a deep-tech startup specialized in providing blockchain solutions for cross-industry applications. Building on top of Ethereum and other ...read more

  • Coinweb

    Stand 2

    Led by CEO, Toby Gilbert, and CTO, Knut Vinger, Coinweb aims to become the first general-purpose layer-2 platform delivering truly unified ...read more

  • Venly

    Stand 176

    Venly is a blockchain technology provider creating tools and products to help companies benefit from blockchain technology. The global ...read more

  • EOS Network

    Stand 7

    The EOS Network Foundation is the hub of the EOS Network, harnessing the power of decentralization as a force ...read more

  • Kodo Assets

    Stand 7a

    ...read more

  • AML Crypto

    Stand 177

    ...read more

  • Renewablox

    Stand 6

    The worlds first exclusively renewable, immersion cooled, Bitcoin mining farm that will be tokenized on the Ravencoin blockchain. Tokens ...read more

  • Stuarts Law

    Stand 5

    Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries or “Stuarts” is a leading Cayman Islands legal practice with international reach. Offering a full ...read more

  • Terra Nova Technologies

    Stand 4

    Terra Nova Technologies (TNT) designs and supplies material handling systems to the mining and mineral processing, iron, coal, aggregate ...read more

  • Deepcoin

    Stand 75

    Deepcoin was founded by senior practitioners in the blockchain industry and former executives of world-renowned internet companies and financial ...read more

  • Codos Foundation

    Stand 5a

    Codos platform motivates people all around the world to shift their commuting patterns away from regular combustion engine cars ...read more

  • Radix Community

    Stand 68/69

    Radix is a Layer 1 DLT solution built to address the DeFi sector’s ever-increasing demands of speed and throughput, ...read more

  • DigiShares

    Stand 3

    DigiShares provides the leading platform for tokenization of real estate and other assets. The platform helps real estate developers ...read more


    Stand 43

    ELEKS is a Top 100 Global Outsourcing Company, providing expert software engineering and consultancy services for over 30 years. ...read more

  • BinarApps

    Stand 128

    BinarApps is a polish IT company consulting and developing custom web & mobile software solutions for startups and companies ...read more

  • Silico

    Stand 46

    Silico’s Business Process Simulation Platform lets you build end-to-end Digital Twins of processes that span teams or functions, connect ...read more

  • Vuzix & Westbase.io

    Stand 47

    Vuzix is an industry leader in assisted and Augmented Reality (AR) wearable technology, providing high-performance smart glasses that enable ...read more

  • Sastrify

    Stand 134

    Sastrify, established in 2020, is a highly automated Software-as-a-Service procurement solution that optimizes SaaS operations management and SaaS spending ...read more

  • Nitro

    Stand 133

    Nitro (ASX: NTO) is a global SaaS leader in PDF software, document management and electronic signatures. Nitro’s Productivity Platform ...read more

  • The Anywhere Company

    Stand 84

    Since 2005, The Anywhere Company has been helping organisations go places they never thought possible.  They have helped companies ...read more


    Stand 67

    A comprehensive no-code platform for business applications development.Design forms, automate workflows and analyze data without coding. We are a ...read more

  • Deimos

    Stand 150

    Born from the desire to place Software Engineering best practices and first principles at the heart of decision making ...read more

  • Whitespace

    Stand 11

    Whitespace is a technology company with extensive expertise in product and service development, innovation and venture building. Supporting both ...read more


    Stand 153

    Apogee Corporation is Europe’s largest multi-brand provider of managed workplace services. An independent subsidiary of HP Inc., Apogee offers ...read more

  • Rephrase

    Stand 156

    Management consultants with hands-on Salesforce expertise. We combine techniques from management consulting with deep knowledge of Salesforce and related ...read more

  • Klaxoon

    Stand 105

    Do you have a problem to solve? A project to launch? A workgroup to manage? Whether on-site or remotely, ...read more

  • Kontent.ai

    Stand TBC

    Kontent.ai is the headless CMS that enables organizations to have complete control over content to speed up time to ...read more

  • Pluralsight

    Stand 152

    Pluralsight are advancing the world’s tech workforce, and that starts with making your work more efficient and effective—and giving ...read more