Stand No: 136

Cedalo is the maker of Eclipse Streamsheets and Eclipse Mosquitto. Mosquitto is the most downloaded MQTT broker worldwide. Thousands of professional organizations worldwide rely on us for running a stable and save publish/subscribe architecture to make real-time data processing become the new normal.

Streamsheets is the no-code platform for engineers to build real-time IoT and streaming analytics applications. With it, machine vendors, sensor manufacturers, or e.g. makers of embedded systems enrich their hardware with flexible digital features. Other than conventional drag&drop no-code programs Streamsheets gives your engineers more influence on their applications. All logic is implemented and visualized on a spreadsheet user interface. Since all your engineers know Excel, Streamsheets is their next level! They can connect their Streamsheets to all signals by major protocols like REST, OPC-UA, and MQTT. 3rd party systems are linked by cell commands thus making each Streamsheet a micro service that can flexibly poll external systems and push results or requests to them.

IT departments in production companies set up Streamsheets as the central engineering no-code platform. Now, production and process engineers can realize highly individual server-based 24/7 running digital micro solutions. One common builder interface enables the IT to control usage and provide proper background support

Streamsheets and Mosquitto are offered in the Cedalo Cloud as a managed service or can be installed on premise based on platform agnostic Docker containers.