Cedalo AG
Stand No: 24

Cedalo is the provider and sponsor of Eclipse Streamsheets and Eclipse Mosquitto. Streamsheets is the no-code platform for building real-time stream processing applications.

As IoT continues to grow rapidly around the world, Organizations can benefit from Cedalo’s high quality, secure, and scalable Steamsheets. With Cedalo Enterprise Platform for Eclipse Streamsheets, users can quickly build real-time, stream-processing applications. You can also build charts, send alerts, or even control processes. No IT experts, no platform, no third-party software, no schemas, no programming, or code required. With Cedalo Cloud there is no installation necessary. Just sign up, login, and get to work.

Mosquitto, a lightweight MQTT broker. With over 100,000 downloads, Mosquitto is the most popular and go-to MQTT broker for IoT solutions. It is lightweight, scalable, and reliable.

Cedalo provides a reliable and scalable IoT broker in the 5G era. Founded in 2017, Cedalo is headquartered in Germany with offices in Freiburg and Bonn.