Stand No: 686

Cedalo’s innovative Streamsheet-Technology allows the non-programmer to quickly build, analyze, visualize and control smart IoT processes. Streamsheets are end-user-friendly, next-gen spreadsheets that run on a server and connect to any app, IoT device or streaming platform. Streamsheets are used as an “all-in-one” application for all tasks in the field of Smart Home, IIoT and Industry 4.0. In addition to analyzing, visualizing, or even simulating data streams, Streamsheets have the ability to serve as a intelligent Edge-2-Cloud Gateway to collect, compress, translate and send data to AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub or any other IoT cloud platform. The user interface of the Streamsheets is aimed at users who are familiar with the use of spreadsheet programs. Unlike traditional spreadsheets, Streamsheets run as a cyclic process on a server in the cloud or on-premises (Windows, Linux, iOS, Raspbian, etc.) and are capable of providing sensor and machine data from MQTT, OPC UA, AMQP, Kafka or REST-based data streams in real time in a 24/7 operation. The classic disadvantages of spreadsheet programs (desktop centered, decentralized data, batch processing, missing user administration) are not present in Streamsheets. The applications are modeled via the web browser, the applications themselves run in the background with central data storage as reliable microservices on the server