Stand No: 126

We develope integral solutions for energy efficiency that we can apply to a wide range of sectors: generation, industry, tertiary and domestic. We are presents from start to finish.

Through innovation, we focus on developing technology to create and manufacture solutions that allow us to be increasingly efficient in our energy consumption. Helping our customers and partners turn it into reality.

Our IoT & Software business unit is focused on generating the best industrial IoT solutions for monitoring and control of installations. Sensors, controllers, dataloggers, cloud software, Node-RED and OEM products are the main

Firmly committed to help companies from all sectors to enhance their business, Circutor provides industrial solutions for remote management and monitoring of large number of machines, sensors and distributed installations. From standard solutions to software and electronics customized solutions.

Our solutions have been applied on projects of energy management, critical break downs real-time alarms, buildings monitoring, irrigation control, cold rooms monitoring, photovoltaic plants, solar pumping and maintenance of country distributed machinery; among others.