Stand No: 1033

EarthSense is a leading air quality specialist, providing expert services in air pollution monitoring, modelling and data provision. EarthSense deliver innovative solutions, enabling the world to visualise and manage its air quality issues.

Offering a complete data solution to air pollution from inception to implementation, EarthSense`s modelling and monitoring products highlight a reputation for technical excellence in air quality services in the UK and abroad. Products include the Zephyr® air quality monitor and versatile modelling programme MappAir®, carefully validated against the government standard Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN) for gaseous pollutants including Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone and Particulate Matter.

Born of fifteen years of academic research at the University of Leicester, EarthSense`s use of big data and analytics is beneficial to systems integrators, policy makers and local councils to help inform major urban planning investments and make a real difference to people`s lives.

EarthSense provide reliable air quality information to assess historic exposure and quantify future risk, developing data solutions that are indispensable to conveyancers and residential service providers. EarthSense also create critical components in smart systems, developing interactive apps that can help behavioural change initiatives for the automotive & transport industries as well as anyone with an interest in monitoring the air they breathe.

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