Fair Winds Digital
Stand No: 173

The future will see the Internet of Things more and more deeply embedded in our day-to-day life.
As businesses get more serious about IoT, they will face challenges such as interfacing different products without any consolidated standard, making them interact appropriately with the upper-level applications, and managing the different levels of the IoT Stack.
Fair Winds Digital was born with the intent of facilitating and accelerating IoT integration, leveraging the potential of edge computing, and adding the expertise of a highly-skilled team of architects and IoT specialist to best-in-breed technology.
It started in 2017 when, after over 20 years of track records in multinational companies in Italy and abroad, we felt it was time for a change. We realized that interconnection could be a foundation upon which a better future could be built. So we founded Fair Winds Digital.
FWD Mission is to help our customers improve business performance through the adoption of digital technologies, by abstracting technological complexities and offering holistic IoT capabilities supported by agility and a “hands-on” pragmatic, friendly approach.