Guris Technology
Stand No: 62

GURIS is a conglomerate company which is leading the energy, construction and steel industry of Turkey. Representing energy and the other sectors within international standards with qualified service, dynamic and advised staff, reliable sources of finance in global economy of 21th century. In principle, having installed capacity above 1132 MW. GURIS has accomplished its own geothermal, wind and hydroelectric power plants both as an investor and a contractor. GURIS also undertakes the operation of the plants fully owned by itself.

Not only in energy, also in construction sector GURIS has undertaken many projects. GURIS is the one of the prominent companies in Turkey which is able to undertake the turn-key delivery of projects from tunnels to thermal power plant, rail transportation systems, dams, pipelines, water treatment plants, ports, highways, buildings, natural gas and petrochemical facilities, hospitals, etc.

Other than energy and construction sectors, our GURIS Industrial Group has it’s close business relations with Germany for many years. PARSAN, within the structure of GURIS Industry is the Turkey’s largest forging and machining facility. And also DÖKTAŞ, within the structure of GURIS Industry, is the Turkey’s largest casting facility. Both of the facilites are in the Europe’s TOP 5 in their own branches. 80% of GURIS Industrial Group’s products are being delivered to abroad, mostly to Germany.

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