Stand No: 19

MiniDis is a specialized European Value Added Distributor (VAD). VAD’s such as  miniDis, deliver distinctive IT and IoT products, supplemented with services, support, assembly, installation support and even the modification of products to customer specifications. These extra’s represent the added value to our customers besides being a reliable business partner and logistics service provider. MiniDis does its very best to exceed your expectations and to deliver excellent performing products through optimal quality control. E.g. each unit is tested before shipment to ensure the success of your project and prevent RMA’s. MiniDis has in-house Linux expertise and is a certified Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner, besides operating our two datacentre locations. Therefore we have all the knowledge, skills and tools available, to help you to optimize your custom made mini-PC’s, IoT Communication Devices and related options. Our product portfolio includes brands: CompuLab, Bivocom, ECS, DMP, Intel, Paessler, Lenovo, Fujitsu amongst others.