Stand No: 14

Network Science: co-creating DeepTech Innovation with Global Enterprises

We collaborate with enterprises in their innovation journey to “Change the Business”. This is achieved through Deep Tech including AI, ML, Blockchain, AR, IOT & Robotics in domains like FinTech, Industry 4.0, SalesTech, Cyber Security & Cloud helping enterprises to cut costs, sharpen sales strategies, predict cyber-attacks & countless more benefits

Leveraging our Deep Tech, clients have achieved multiple business outcomes e.g.

  1. Predict likelihood of EMI payment by borrowers for Vehicle Finance Company
  2. Cloud based derivatives pricer for treasury sales team for bank in Asia
  3. Convert existing factory into smart factory using IOT for automotive ancillary firm
  4. Provide real-time visibility across Supple Chain for EU’s largest 3PL company
  5. Provide Remote Assistance using AR for EU’s Defense Manufacturer
  6. Identify Digital Assets exposed on Dark Web in real time for social media firms
  7. Reduce Cloud Spend for a Cement Manufacturing company
  8. Rapid Mobile App Development using Zero-Code platform for a steel manufacturer
  9. Zero-Trust Architecture for user & device access for aircraft manufacturer
  10. Increase B2B Sales effectiveness using Digital Account Planning Platform

Network Science partners with enterprises across 4 vectors

  1. Zero Cost Transformation: “Big & Fast” cost optimisation while transforming performance
  2. Zero Gravity Growth: Accelerate business growth without constraints
  3. Zero Trust Risk Management: Manage enterprise risk by design
  4. Zero to One Innovation: build competitive advantage by increasing the Innovation quotient

Our mission: Take DeepTech to world scale & solve real challenges for big societal, environmental & industrial change