Stand No: 154

ProGlove is a Munich- based company founded in December 2014 by former BMW and IDEO employees.The four founders tried to find a way to scan assembly components in a more efficient and ergonomical way.The solution: a glove that not only protects but also gathers data while saving seconds with every scan, a wearable technology that connects the human worker with the industrial IoT. ProGlove has the ability to improve industry processes in a sustainable way. The smart glove offers its user a wide range of possibilities with the integration of future oriented technologies in form of a tool, that is already in use with the majority of workers: the glove. The glove recognizes false hand movements and warns the worker early enough to prevent mistakes.Today, ProGlove already has more than 250 customers from the Automotive-, supplier-, logistics- and food industry. In short: ProGlove is an absolute revolution for companies and their workforce.