randd uk
Stand No: 368

Fund your IoT innovations with randd uk through R&D tax credits. This sustainable source of Government funding enables UK companies to improve cash flow, mitigate research & development risk and achieve business growth. As featured in the Parliamentary Review, randd uk are best practice leaders in claiming R&D tax credits and have awarded UK businesses with over £120 Million (so far!). The team includes technical industry experts and fully Chartered Accountants to optimise claim sizes with minimal client effort required, ensuring that business owners receive the full amount they are entitled to.

With over a decade of specialist experience, randd uk take the time to understand your business. Have a chat with one of our experts to check your eligibility for R&D tax credits and find out what costs you can claim. Can’t wait for the IoT Tech Expo? Call 01332 477 070 or email [email protected] to find your Reality Cheque today.