Redev Technology
Stand No: 53

Redev Enterprises, works with Industry leaders around the world to contribute our knowledge and passion to their Digital Transformation path.

We are firm believers in using AI and Digital Disruption as an enabler for growth and business transformation in the industrial market.

We support Industries and Enterprises to switch out of the product-based business to embrace a service-based business leveraging on modern AI and edge architectures and technologies.

At Redev we pose a particular focus on the development and integration of emerging technologies surrounding digital business processes of our customers. We identify ourselves as an “Industrial System Integrator”.  We focus mainly on the Energy, Manufacturing and Telecom market.

We offer the extensive worldwide experience of our team around Digital transformation of Industries, along with  in-depth skills on topics like:

– Digital Products and Solutions design

– Field assets data collection and analysis

– Image Analysis/Computer vision using Deep Neural Networks and Transformers

– Predictive Analytics and Anomaly Detection

– Cognitive analytics, NLP/NLU/NLG

and much more!