Stand No: 84

RISO UK manufactures and distributes innovative digital print solutions that help people save time and money.

We have developed a unique inkjet technology that offers customers a cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly alternative to printing, versus the more traditional, and more common, toner technology copier and printers.

RISO is a company dedicated to providing the very best ‘ideal’​ solutions to meeting customers’​ printing and copying needs. In fact, this philosophy is at the very heart of the company. RISO founder Noboru Hayama chose the name ‘RISO’​ from the Japanese word meaning ‘ideal’​ when he established the company in Tokyo in 1946.

Today, the RISO Group has grown to a global presence, with agents serving people in 180 different countries and regions, and a listing in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Unsurprisingly, given our drive to develop only the best, most innovative products, we make significant investment in research and development. We own more than 1,600 global patents, and this commitment has helped us claim a number of industry ‘firsts’​ in both our digital duplicator technologies and our full-colour inkjet technologies.