Sensational Systems Limited
Stand No: 166

Sensational Systems Limited is a small company based in sunny Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 2014, we’ve been designing and building IoT devices and electronic and mechanical widgets for companies large and small. With a track record in electronic and mechanical engineering, product design and IT infrastructure, we’re a multi-disciplinary team that can make your thing!

From gin distillery controllers and filling machines, solar-powered sensor platforms installed in parks, and energy harvesting IoT sensors, we’re always up to something interesting.

A few years ago we got into LoRa and tried it out with a couple of wireless sensing projects and set up some gateways on the Things Network. This all worked out well, so we bet the company on LoRaWAN. It’s turned out to be a good bet!

When we started experimenting with LoRa, getting hold of LoRaWAN kit was really tricky, so in 2018 year we started the Connected Things Store to scratch our own itch. A couple of years later we’re now shipping LoRaWAN all over the world, all around Europe from Belgium to Romania, over the pond to the USA, Canada and Mexico and down to South Africa, Ghana and Mozambique!

We stock Wifx’s LORIX One, The Things Indoor and Oudoor Gateways which are super low-cost ways to get into LoRaWAN.

We’re delighted to be official distributors for Tektelic excellent gatways and sensors, mcf88’s great range of sensors and Laird’s cold-chain monitoring solutions.

We’re importing more and more LoRaWAN devices and growing our online store, we provide configuration and integration work. We help our customers connect LoRaWAN sensors to their existing software platforms, pre-configure devices and make it easy to roll out hundreds of gateways and nodes. Tell us about your LoRaWAN dreams, or problems, and we’ll figure out how to make it all work!