Stand No: 21

SenX ( is the software publisher of Warp 10 (, an open source solution to manage sensors / IoT data (Time Series, Geo Time Series™) and any kind of sequence data in an horizontal and industrial perspective. It includes:

  • “Warp 10 Analytics Engine”: dedicated language WarpScript with 1000+ analytics functions, fully compatible with market framework and languages,
  • “Warp 10 Storage Engine” as an option, available in 3 versions: distributed, standalone and embedded.

Functions and algorithms cover cleansing, synchronization, statistics, pattern detection, anomalies detection … and enable predictive analysis (machine/deep learning, artificial intelligence) in business environments.

Warp 10 benefits come from the neutrality, the universality, the horizontality, and the compatibility to market cloud services (AWS, Microsoft Azure …) and business platforms (GE Predix, Palantir …). Warp 10 is also compatible with major SCADAs (Schneider Electric, Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, GE, Rockwell …).

Operational use cases: industry, energy, transport, automotive, aeronautics, defence, cybersecurity, telecommunications, insurances, smart cities, agriculture, health.