Stand No: 327

Founded in 2010, SQream has redefined big data analytics with database and analytics solutions for accelerating analytics on terabytes to petabytes of data, and enabling new and critical business insights.

SQream DB, SQream’s flagship data engine, enables the fast, flexible, and cost-efficient analysis of massive enterprise data stores. SQream Nano is SQream’s low-profile HPC analytics solution for collecting, storing, and gaining insight from massive sensor data at the edge. Organizations around the world use SQream’s solutions to drastically improve their workflow, accelerate business intelligence and gain access to a world of never-before-seen insights.

Led by CEO Ami Gal, SQream’s management brings a deep understanding of enterprise data analytics, as well as over 20 years of technological and business experience. SQream is based in New York City, with 80 employees around the world.