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Using low bandwidth and low latency real time video, Vemotion connect you to your devices and systems so you can cost-effectively monitor, maintain, respond and react to any given situation.

Established in 2005, we are the market leaders in live, real-time video compression and transmission over low bitrate networks, including 2/3/4G and satellite.

With a reputation second to none for innovation in mobile video services, Vemotion were the first company to broadcast live TV services to mobile devices over GPRS 15 years ago. Since then we have continued to develop specialist low bandwidth video compression solutions for a range of markets including homeland security and defence, critical national infrastructure, transportation and many more.

Our global network of offices (UK, France, USA, Singapore & Middle East) supports an international network of expert accredited partners.

Clients include police, international agencies, public sector bodies, vehicle and public transport operators and commercial enterprises, as well as a range of IOT applications.

Vemotion offers software and hardware products that allow its customers to tailor a perfect fit for their real-time video transmission requirements.  Our cost-effective, easy to use solutions stream live real-time quality video images from remote and mobile locations.

Come and see how we can help with your live video requirements.