Stand No: 410

Founded in 2013 by a team of veterans in the industrial automation and software development industry, WolkAbout is one of the pioneering Industrial Internet of Things companies. Our innovative spirit, deep industry insights and unmatched digital technology expertise are the foundation of everything we do.

We’ve built a complete IoT application enablement platform and user-friendly tools to allow system integrators, product and service providers to develop and rapidly bring industrial-grade digital applications to market.

WolkAbout IoT Platform includes a complete set of must-have functionalities needed to navigate data-to-application integration quickly, without third-party dependencies. It is a secure, extensible and technology-agnostic foundation that lets customers simplify industrial device connections and rapidly develop powerful IIoT applications. By integrating sensors, legacy and modern machines, gateway, facilities and enterprise systems, customers are obtaining a unified view of their enterprise.