Attend and cover the IoT Tech Expo, Blockchain Expo and AI Expo Global 2018

The IoT Tech Expo will provide a platform for you to discover the latest technological advances in the marketplace and allow exhibitors to unveil their latest creations to 12,000 attendees, 500+ speakers and 300+ exhibitors.

Do you want to be part of IoT Tech Expo, Blockchain Expo and AI Expo? If you’re a member of the press from a registered company or a dedicated tech blogger you could be in luck! Apply using the form to your right and a member of our team will respond shortly.

Your Press Pass will include access to all 15 conference tracks across IoT, Blockchain and AI, full access to the exhibition, conference materials (post-event) and the networking tool.

Press Pass Requirements

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Press Status

You must be able to show that you are a journalist/ editor with an recognized press card. You will need to provide copies of your recent work in recognized publications on the subject matter, with your name appearing as writer or editor.

Freelance Writers

You will need to provide copies of your recent work, published within the last six months in an industry publication. Please include the links within your form entry, or alternatively you can email them to [email protected].


Please provide a link to your publication when completing the form, with your name or title appearing in an editorial capacity. If it is a print publication, please include the associated website link.

Title Requirement

You must have an editorial title (accepted titles include Editor-in-Chief, Senior Editor, Executive Editor, Associate editor, Technology editor, Managing editor, Editor, Reporter, Photographer).

Exhibitor News Distribution and Online Press Kits

Business Wire offers exhibitors, sponsors and presenting companies several cost-effective options to distribute important news.

Why use Business Wire?

Our exhibitor news archive is on the official show site so that anyone with an interest in this event sees your news easily and can use any multimedia you make available. Regardless of what distribution circuit you select we include relevant trade and online media. All news releases automatically receive the NewsTrak measurement and analytics reports which will help you measure the performance of each individual press release. With every English-language press release, you’ll also receive a NUVI social media monitoring report. This detailed report will help you track and understand the social media activity that occurs as a result of your press release.

Online Press Kit

Go digital and create an easily accessible and shareable online press kit. The kit includes its own dedicated wire advisory promoting it, social media sharing links, ability to swap files, posting to the exhibitor news archive and more starting at EUR 255.


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