Agata Grela is a multidisciplinary thought leader and futurist in innovation, finance, and technology with a rich academic background and a distinguished professional career that has seen her integrate the worlds of economics, digital transformation, strategy and innovation. Her education began at Chelsea College of Art and Design and London College of Communication, where she honed her creative and design skills.

Embarking on her professional journey in the finance industry with Barclays Bank, where she started to explore the intersection of finance, design and systems thinking, leveraging her unique perspective to bring fresh insights into the organisation. Her journey continued at RBS International, where she worked for global institutional and fund clients, merging her financial acumen and strategic skills with her innovation-led thinking.

Agata stands at the forefront of thought leadership, providing visionary steering on implementing emerging technologies. Her insights on which technologies to adopt and how to integrate them effectively have been pivotal in shaping the strategic roadmap of her organization and in creating an agile, flexible, and diverse work environment.

Agata’s combination of vision, strategic thinking and expertise in finance and technology, positions her as an inspiring leader capable of guiding us towards an equitable and diverse future that is not just technologically advanced, but also socially and environmentally conscious.