Andrew Buss is research director for IDC’s European Enterprise Infrastructure program. Based in London, he is responsible for driving  IDC’s research covering present and future trends impacting servers, storage and networking and IT service delivery. Central to this is understanding how on-premises IT is evolving under the emergence of Open Source, Software-Defined Enterprise, multi-Cloud adoption and Cloud-native development practices, and how this will impact everything from the low level silicon underpinnings and system design, through to the design and integration of the different infrastructure components, up to the platform management and service delivery.

His research area focuses on understanding the convergence of different technologies and capabilities and how they need to integrate and work together to deliver efficient, effective and agile IT services from the datacenter or cloud right through to the end user. Andrew works with global, multinational and local vendors to understand the dynamics of business technology desires and needs, technology purchasing and investment, organizational and operations structures and customer mindsets and disconnects in order to help vendors effectively position and communicate their value and proposition.

Andrew is also an experienced public speaker, regularly keynoting at many industry conferences and panel sessions, as well as leading or participating in webinars, customer and partner events.

Previously at IDC, Andrew was Consulting Director in the European Consulting practice, where he lead many successful customer projects covering a wide range of outcomes, including custom intelligence and strategic planning such as market sizing and competitive analysis, as well as customer engagement and lead generation with a particular focus on identifying the spread of IT best practice and the associated success factors.

Prior to joining IDC in 2013, he spent over a decade as an industry and channels analyst leading global research services covering smartphones, PCs, printers, servers, storage, networking and security. Before this, he spent a number of years consulting with a wide variety of businesses implementing IT service management capabilities which provided an in-depth and diverse foundation across the entire spectrum of IT service delivery.