I like to define myself, before each title, father of three splendid children: Ludovica and the twins Domenico and Livia I work as a consultant in the field of technology applied to retail, mobility and public administration, and this allows me to consider innovation on both the user and public policies. For example, it makes clear to me that to make a city “smart”, it is not enough to imagine single advanced services for infomobility, energy control, urban security or similar, high value for the citizen. The crucial point in the realization of a smart city is the integration and use of data and services exchanged by a multiplicity of public and private actors. It is from the integration and sharing of data and services that can evolve evolved functions, but for this to happen it is necessary to promote an open multipolar system that allows anyone to be able to interact with the other smartcity actors: my challenge is to make this interaction possible both from a technical point of view and as a diffusion of collective culture.