In the role as Head of Internet of Things, Data and Blockchain; Archana Jacob passionately unearths new business fields by using new technologies in innovative ways. Currently Archana is very engaged with the business of PostLogistics and the market. Her deep knowledge of technology is paired with a sharp eye for business opportunities. Her employer Swiss Post is the national postal service and is the leader in the dynamic logistics market in Switzerland.


In her previous role Archana worked as Deputy Head Monitoring & Lifecycle Management for SBB, the national railway operator in Switzerland. Archana explored and worked on  smart ways to maintain the railway infrastructure in Switzerland. Using IoT, and Big Data Analysis she laid the foundation for predictive maintenance at SBB.  Previous to that she gained technological expertise as a Project Manager at Swisscom – the national telecommunication company in Switzerland. Amongst other things, she contributed to the development of Swisscom TV – a digital tv solution in Switzerland.


Academically she holds a degree in Information Technology and in Business IT. Additionally    has published her work in the field of Mobile Robotics.