Ian is a technically, commercially and regulatory astute entrepreneur with 30 years’ experience in IT plus executive experience in large enterprise banking and also small & medium start-ups.

Ian held the position of 3rd Level Support Manager and VP at Citi, where he helped drive efficiency by self-learning shell & perl programming and ultimately writing scripts to automate SOX compliance for ~30,000 Cisco network devices.  Ian managed a team of 3rdlevel Network Operations staff in London.  Ian spent a total of 8 years working in different positions within Citi and has a great working knowledge of how large enterprise banks operate and the unique challenges they face.

Ian’s ability to innovating around challenges enabled him to build, operate and subsequently sell a successful start-up, EQALIS Ltd.  EQALIS focused on Big Data and sold Splunk software, services and training to >100 customers, many in the financial sector.  As a small business owner, Ian was involved in everything from sales, marketing, services, training, support, business development etc.

During the time EQALIS was in business (2007-2013), EQALIS won the following awards:

  • Won more awards than any other UK partner:
  • Winner “Highest revenue generator in EMEA, 2009,”
  • Winner “Splunk Partner of the Year 2011, UK, Ireland & S.A.”
  • Winner “Splunk Partner of the Year 2012, UK, Ireland & S.A.”
  • Member of Splunk $M Club 2013
  • One of only 2 Elite partners in the UK in 2013.

When Ian is not glued to a computer screen, he enjoys spending time with his daughter, motorcycling, traveling and keeping up with the latest changes in the IT industry.  He recently successfully completed the “MIT Big Data and Social Analytics” certification course.