Ivan is a Director of Engineering with eight years of experience in the IT field. In 2016, he got his master’s degree in Computer Engineering at the Ukrainian National Aerospace University, “Kharkiv Aviation Institute.” 

Ivan started his career at the Android Internship in 2014. Afterward, he continued studying and working hard to gain professional expertise. 

After six years of persistent work, Ivan got the position of Director of Engineering at CHI Software. Now he is proficient in 14 programming stacks: Kotlin, Java, C, C++, C#, Swift, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Bash, PHP, Groovy, NodeJS, AWS, GCP, Azure, and SQL. 

Ivan’s practical experience developing IoT solutions inspired him to create the Prebuilt IoT Platform. Currently, he leads a team of CHI Software engineers who help businesses of any size and domain easily translate their IoT development ideas into reality. He helps clients solve their technical issues by providing profound consulting, high-quality coding, and customer-driven thinking.