Currently working on ‘Near Edge’ 5G connected interoperability and optimisation technology innovation, always looking for customer value. Strong focus also on data science and machine learning/AI applications in the field, particularly in Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Energy, Transport, Ports, Airports, Mining and Smart Agriculture. Working with a number of global delivery partners in the US, UK, EU, APAC and MENA.

Jason has been a serial founding Managing Director developing companies to deliver technology solutions, end to end interoperability programmes and advisory services. He has also sat on the board of Intel as an Advisor for EMEA and with Open Energy as an Investment Director and Non-Executive Director.

Jason has a single-minded vision for the power of technology transformation to deliver the drive for Net Zero, with thousands of KwH of electricity and tonnes of carbon saved whilst delivering strong client value. In addition, Jason is a dedicated mentor to students and businesses embarking on a career or investing in the CSR, circular economy and Sustainability sector, actively engaging with higher education institutions and the latest international research and innovation. Jason has been appointed as an Associate Professor at LSBU and as a Faculty Member, Global Faculty Network – Emeritus.

Jason delivers lectures on sustainability and innovation theory and practice, as well as offering career guidance talks and mentee sessions. He is driven by a genuine belief in the power of the individual to achieve great things and contribute to the new way of making businesses more powerful and competitive. As a part of his expertise, he delivers data solutions that measure progress and gained benefits. He works with peers in global and national brands.

Jason is focused on the creation of positive and successful long-term business relationships, constantly striving to ensure that businesses realise their true potential and value.