Without significant deployment and penetration of new urban mobility solutions, it will be impossible to reach European urban mobility goals (Flightpath 2050) Getting wide-scale deployment of Urban Air Mobility infrastructure and public acceptance can be achieved in many ways; scaling in other locations, or working with new partners.

As Ambassador for the European Innovation Market Place, Lindomar Minguel is responsible to bring new partners together to make innovation possible by making sure knowledge sharing takes places throughout all 17 participating cities in Europe among others, Amsterdam, Geneva, Hamburg, Madrid and London.

Although drones are in essence flying IoT devices, our most important assignment when integrating Urban Air Mobility solutions is to make sure it is not a technology driven approach but a city driven approach to make sure public acceptance is ensured.

Lindomar Minguel, is Ambassador for the European Innovation Market place for Urban Air Mobility, for Partnership Manager Amsterdam Drone Week and Founder of Amerging a startup in business development innovation to realise exponential growth for new business initiatives in emerging markets.