Mark Meyrick is Head of Smart Grids at Ecotricity, where his main efforts are concentrated on enabling grid scale battery storage deployment, aggregated with other assets in a virtual power plant so as to enable Ecotricity to be able to flex its power position in response to the needs of the Grid, and the market.

I was previously at Ecotricity in 2003 when I started up their energy trading desk in the wake of the Enron fall-out, after ABB’s treasury and energy desk closed down, which I had managed for 7 years.

In the last 12 years I have worked on GHG emissions abatement projects in the context of the EU ETS, for EDF Trading, Constellation Energy, German utility EnBW and Dutch utility Eneco. Previously I was a foreign exchange options trader for some years, having started working life as a chartered accountant.