Phil is CEO & Chairman of AERGO Foundation, an open source platform developed by Blocko Inc., a leading South Korean enterprise blockchain company backed by Samsung. To date Blocko has deployed 38 enterprise blockchain solutions in South Korea for companies like Samsung, Cisco, Hyundai Motors, Gyeonggi-do province and more. AERGO is the hybrid public-private blockchain implementation of Blocko’s tech that currently being rolled out in Asia and EMEA. Phil is also Global CEO of Blocko.

Phil is a veteran business manager with over 20 years of experience leading open-source business models in large-scale enterprise-IT environments. Extensive experience in sales and business development (Novell, Springsource aka Pivotal), global corporate strategy (Red Hat, Synopsys, Cadence), product and cloud business strategy (Deutsche Telekom, Banco Santader). Phil crafted and led world-renowned teams that dominated markets for technologies like GNU, Linux, VMWare, Spring Framework, Apache, Hadoop, others. Experienced board advisor/chairman and (pro-bono) adviser to young startups (Oxford and Warwick Business Schools).