Richard has a unique profile that combines over 20 years of experience in industry with software development expertise. After studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, he started working for Pirelli, holding various leadership roles in England, Germany and Italy. Most recently he was responsible for the Smart Manufacturing and Digital Innovation programmes where the focus was as much working practice and culture change as it was technology.

Alongside industry, he has a passion for all things data and software related. He runs courses teaching a vast range of skills covering areas such as web and mobile application development, data analysis, game development, web scraping, social media, desktop applications, and much more.

During his time with Pirelli, Richard developed a programme of education and training to stimulate and ‘kick-start’ the digital transformation process, with great success. Using this as a foundation, he now works independently helping other organizations with their digital transformation.

In his spare time, Richard enjoys running, cycling, coding, playing guitar & piano in a band and spending time with his family. He is also fluent in English, German and Italian.