Steven Woodward is the Senior Solution Architect in AstraZeneca’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer. He’s been in the IT industry for over 15 years, starting work developing systems for IT analyst firms and specialist software houses, gaining certifications in Solution Development and Database Administration. For the next 10 years he worked with Big Data via the evolution of Enterprise Search ending with global cloud based systems, 200 million documents, millions of request per day and sub second response times.

Recently Steven has taken his decade of healthcare experience and delivered projects specifically focused on the Patient and their experiences with the pharmaceutical industry and ran the extremely successful team for the National Cancer Research Institute’s Hackathon. A keen passion for technical incubation, Steven is involved with 10x opportunities and regularly works with emerging technology across the business. A key area of Steven’s research includes the concept of “Hospital in the Home” combining smart fabrics, IoT devices, AI message bots and applying machine learning to all the data to predict patient outcomes. A firm believer in young talent, he mentors the Apprentice program on solution development, DevOps and the benefits of containers and elastic compute. Steven is on twitter at @woodward_steve