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McKinsey Report estimated in 2017 that globally 127 new devices connect to the Internet every second. Now, in 2021 Consumers are more connected than ever before. Sadly, research suggests that over 50% of customers who try to set up smart devices on their own will run into a problem. IoT products are more complex than a single application or a device and we at Huawei, surely understand that.

Join us for the fireside chat to discuss the challenges of consumers and limitations faced by Vendors when it comes to offering Simple Onboarding, Smooth Cross-device Interaction, and Adopting Emerging New Interfaces. We would love to introduce how Innovative HarmonyOS Solutions for IoT Scenarios addresses these end-user pain points.

Associated Speakers:

Wahib Ul Haq

Lead Partner Engineering


Associated Talks:

10:10AM - Day 2

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