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EDF Energy R&D UK Centre is at the heart of the energy revolution and supports the transition the energy system is currently engaged in, to ensure the best benefits for every user. Energy is at the centre of the challenges of urban developments and is closely linked to all the urban sectors. Promoting an integrated vision is the only way to prepare a more sustainable and resilient future. EDF Energy support the urban stakeholders in various domains: mobility, energy demand, social aspects, economics… Electric mobility, for example, is at the crossroad of many challenges and it is key to demonstrate the benefits and constraints it will bring, in particular with V2G developing for various applications. By coupling urban and energy planning, we also allow to increase the optimisation of KPIs for the urban developers and local authorities. Energy in buildings, environmental aspects and new business models are other examples of our commitments to prepare a bright future for everyone.

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Benjamin Mousseau

Smart Energy Application Manager


Associated Talks:

12:00PM - Day 2

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