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With the arrival of our new CEO, Sanofi has a newly defined Strategy “Play to Win”, which sets very clear targets on the business side.  For these, there are high expectations on the Digitalization to be an enabler for growth and value creation.

IoT is a key element of the Industrial Affairs Digital Center (IADC), which aims to increase performance in Manufacturing, Quality and Supply Chain. In order to truly deliver value through Digital Products based on IoT, it is vital that the Digital Initiative is not stuck in an Ivory Tower, but creates a deeply integrated network between IT and business, closely linked with the manufacturing sites and laboratories. A similarly deep integration between IoT, systems of differentiation and systems of record needs to be established in order to ensure proper value realization.

Then, maybe surprisingly, technically small innovation drives major transformation and adds significant value, if embedded appropriately into the overall change management and lean activities.

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Walter Heibey

Head of Technology Innovation | ITS Industrial Affairs


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11:40AM - Day 2

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