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IoT is the fusion of technologies from sensors, connected through networks, extracting, and processing the data for multiple applications.

The complexity of adopting IoT solutions increases further as applications use multiple layers of technology sources, requiring varied skillsets for integration, operations, and maintenance. Also, the uncertainty on the RoI for the upfront investment and the scale of operations is among the top reasons organizations do not embrace IoT.

Delivering ‘IoT-as-a-service’ makes it possible for organizations to benefit from state-of-the-art technology by minimizing the cost of ownership and eliminating the complexity for businesses seeking new applications. Enabling organizations with a single pane of view dashboard to Deploy, Enrich & Manage customized IoT solutions will increase the adaptability of IoT to make it the next megatrend!

Associated Speakers:

Kiran Yeddala

Founder & CEO

Nivid Technologies

Associated Talks:

03:50PM - Day 1

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