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As Industry 4.0 takes off, it’s clear that data, devices and services will transform processes. However, as we place more connected devices into the production line and processes become more autonomous, there is a growing concern around security.

Whether you’re creating devices, or buying devices to deploy in your production line, there are simple steps you should consider or complete regarding security. PSA Certified offers 10 security goals which align with some of the most influential government guidelines and regulations worldwide. By implementing these goals, devices are built with a solid foundation for security and protect against common hacks. PSA Certified certification allows manufacturers to communicate the trustworthiness of their device, and procurement teams to easily identify products adhering to best practices. This means that devices are less likely to cause your business problems in the future.

In this talk we’ll cover the growing concern around security, how you can conform to worldwide regulations (such as NIST, the Californian State Law and ETSI) and how the PSA Certified program simplifies security – no matter your job title.

Associated Speakers:

Anurag Gupta

Director Business Development, PSA Certified


Associated Talks:

02:00PM - Day 2

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