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In today’s World , the implementation of data-driven concepts such as IoT/IIoT has some challenges and obstacles when it comes to Reliable Bidirectional Communication and Data Routing, Security, Safety, Energy Consumption, Bandwidth, Operability, Adoption, Standardization, etc. To overcome these challenges many innovative technologies have been developed. One of these innovative technologies that revolutionizes wireless communication and connectivity for IoT/IIoT is Visible Light Communication (VLC), which is also referred to as Li-Fi (Light Fidelity).

Li-Fi transfers data through changing the intensity of the LED light. It is capable of providing Safe, Secure, Electromagnetic-Free and High-Speed Bidirectional Wireless Communication. It is also “Green” for the environment as it has low-energy consumption, thanks to its light source, LED.

Today, VLC technology was able to provide more than 200 Gbps speed in a lab environment, and as a product it has been developed to provide close to 100 Mbps downlink and uplink. Additionally, this technology has been applied to many concepts and use cases such as Internet Access Point, Accurate and Real Time Indoor Positioning, V2X Communication, Smart Advertisement and Marketing, Smart Cities and Manufacturing, and IoT/IIoT Connectivity. Generally you can consider this technology to be applied for any application that Wireless Communication is required.

AASA and its VLC subsidiary, 01LightComm, have developed and applied this technology to many of the above-mentioned use cases. As part of our effort to raise awareness about this technology around the World, we are honored to introduce and demonstrate a couple of these use cases that have been deployed for our customers at IoT Tech Expo Global 2019.

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