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This meetup group is focused on innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for technological and leadership ddevelopment. We are particularly interested in translating cutting-edge science into technological viable solutions, especially biological-inspired.

Presentation by Dr Hector Zenil, co leader of the Algorithmic Dynamics Lab at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden followed by Q&A with the speaker on the topic of:

Towards Artificial General Intelligence: Machines that think beyond statistical pattern matching

UK-AI Innovation will be presenting a talk by Dr. Hector Zenil, the leader of the Algorithmic Dynamics Lab at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm also director of Immune Algorithmics in Oxford. Dr. Zenil will explain how current AI is limited by traditional statistics and bounded by classical probability theory, unable to understand causal or logic reasoning and is ill-equipped to deal with inference and to produce generative models of the world. To overcome these challenges new research led by our group has introduced concepts from computability and algorithmic probability theories that have been proven to be key to make progress and eventually reach optimal inference indistinguishable from general (human-like, and even superhuman-like) intelligence.

Associated Speakers:

Dr Hector Zenil

Co-leader, Algorithmic Dynamics Lab

Karolinska Institute

Associated Talks:

05:00PM - Day 1

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