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IoT technologies are revolutionizing the building automation systems. From reducing the operating costs to improving the occupant experience, the tangible business outcomes delivered say one thing: IoT is here to stay and it will totally transform the building industry. Tight budgets leave little room for unexpected surprises, and while recent periods of low-wage growth and stable energy costs have helped ease the management burden, these trends will not last forever. So how can facility managers and business leaders better manage variability? Generating data is great, but have you tried actionable data? Leverage the wealth of data available from today’s building systems through IoT-enabled connectivity and you will solve real business issues as well as drive more outcomes from a facility. Align technology, business operations and  your facilities management practices to positively impact your bottom line.

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Billal Vindhani

European Business Development Director for Connected Services


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09:50AM - Day 1

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